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L' Hospitalet  town has been pioneering in the programs of cooperation in the requirement, since thirty years ago until now, its civil fabric as well as its institutions. In this the vocation and internationalist identification of the town with the excellent relation have always coincided with the collectives and associations more sensitive to the solidarity and the cooperation. Because of that the Government of our city, in complementary way in those of Catalonia and the rest of the State, more depressed in the area global, putting small contribution to create ours a fairer and solidary world, reaffirm its appointment to contribute to the development to the regions. Everything from the coherence and the coordination that gives us the agreement that supposes our Directive Plan of International Cooperation 2012-2015; in a hard situation of crisis, where it has to fit and to reinvent the performances to be able continue keeping the lines general with a minor cost for our citizens. 

Our cooperation is not a generalista model of state, nor obviously a model associative humanitarista, but part of a legal and municipalista articulation to become a public policy. The town is the most nearby area of participation, is the more direct space of democratic responsibilities assumption; for which the social worries and its restlessness are those that, of first hand, they pick up before. And because of that the town council picks up the interest and the implicaciñón of the citizens of The Hospitalet to collaborate in countries of the South and that him in an official and institutional way. 

The local governments and the municipal reality are a key to face any policy of proximity to the citizens and to face success to the crisis. The financial crisis, converted into these last years in a social bankruptcy and of values it can not make that the cities lose its paper in the face of the citizenship; it is necessary to sustain and to reinforce itself the social policies, the programs of economic promotion and generation of active employment, and, undoubtedly, the leadership and the paper of prestige in the requirement, that not only it contributes to the accessibility in European funds of cohesion, if not in the imagén of the city in other contexts, serving as productive inversion and as R&D as a pole of actracción. 

The International Cooperation places in the town councils in the map of the global reality, they place it within the framework of the opportunities and international visibility. 

The cities are legitimate, gifted spaces of democratic representativeness and with capacity to articulate the civic life, and not only they correlate with its counterparts in the national space and intern, if not that they also interact with other counterparts in countries and regions, in a bilateral way, as well as to organizations international or in nets of cities, how the United Cities and Local Governments CGLU. This is an axis of the Diputació de Barcelona as well as of the Federació de Municipis i Províncies (FEMP), in him the programs of European help catchment are a priority, but also the programs of cooperation towards the countries of the South. 

The cities that have criteria and an international vision to the decision making increase in a progressive way, also the averages, like ours, they have to bet to promote initiatives with international vocation in order to attract some possibilities towards our territories that yan have stopped being a patrimony of state and autonomic governments.

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