Workshop Get closer to sub-Saharan Africa 2022
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The Approach Sub-Sahrawi Africa workshop, which had already been done in previous editions, continues to be proposed to schools in person, if there is no unforeseen event.
The approach is linked to the subjects of music and dance as a support tool for the school curriculum through knowledge and an approach to Sub-Sahrawi Africa. With this workshop we want to work on the socio-political and economic situation of developing countries and also assess the impact that Development Cooperation can have in these areas.
This workshop is directed at the Hospitalet secondary and high school educational centers. We want to educate our young people in social and civic values ??and make them aware of another reality, that of Africa, bringing them closer to its history and culture and asserting their differences and wealth. The workshop has two activities:
Activity 1- Approach to African music. Aimed at students from 1st to 4th year of ESO and Baccalaureate, it consists of introducing typical African instruments in an interactive way by technicians in development cooperation and African musicians who will make the social history of the instruments known through live music in the African world. It is an exchange of experiences to bring students closer to the reality and structures of African community society. The idea is to make an introductory talk on the type of instruments originating in Africa, accompanied by percussion and wind instruments, they will have African drums and instruments.

Activity 2- Approach to African dance. Aimed at students from 1st to 4th of ESO and Baccalaureate, it consists of a performance of African dances made for a ballerina or for an African dancer, which will show us the meanings and purpose of the dances to introduce the students to the social customs of the African life. Students will learn some dances and actively enjoy African dance. This activity wants to be a starting point to explain the history and magical beliefs and also the current socio-political reality of Africa. You have to bear in mind that music and dance are hardly unrelated expressions in the African world and we work them together within this workshop.

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Workshop from the: 01/10/2021 even the: 27/05/2022 Get closer to sub-Saharan Africa

Sent to: ESO: 12-14 years. 14-16 years. ESPO: From 16 years.

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