2022 The Julies courses of summer open to all the world
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From the Monday 2 May, will be open the registration of the courses of summer The Julies  of the University of Barcelona. In the 25th edition, they offer themselves sixty-six courses in total, about subjects of present, of social interest and of reference, with a multidisciplinary and critical perspective.

July have the support and the collaboration of the Town Council of L'Hospitalet, of Barcelona and of other towns, of several thematic chairs of the UB and of companies like Pfizer, Duchenne Espanya, Repsol, Classroom Foundation Cinema Josep M. Queraltó, Danone, Planet and Foundation Mir Puig, among other.
The programs understand several areas of knowledge, which they include: arts and arts, social sciences and company, natural sciences and of the health, resources and strategies, among other. The courses will be carried out of the 4th in the 15th July and the pupils who register among the 2nd and on the 20th May will benefit from a reduced price of the registration.

Courses of summer for all the world

The courses that this year he collaborates in they are the Town Council of L'Hospitalet:

Cooperation and development

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The Julies
Telephone: 93 309 36 54

Institut de Formació Continua IL3-Universitat de Barcelona
Ciutat de Granada, 131
08018 Barcelona Hourly

of attention:
of the Monday on Friday
of 10 to 14 hr and from 16 to 20 hr

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Town council of L'Hospitalet
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