Presentation of the comic "Frames at the school for the Solidarity", VI edition
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Presentation of the VI edition of the comic "Frames at the school for the Solidarity" . In this sixth edition, we appraise the fact that this work has not had any interruption because of the pandemic: schools, pupils, participants, cartoonists in the project, the technical impulse from the Program of Cooperation, the tragedy that we suffered without the extraordinary vitality of the comic, of these small authors and of the artistic creation. The comic continues showing realities with its immense narrative capacity, it has shown complex moments, the human rights and promoting the Goals of Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030).
Shared fruit is a publication of big professionals of the ninth art, of the support of the Regional Government of Barcelona, and of a big specialist in the world of the comic, Antoni Guiral, of the implication of the teachers, of the teaching staff and students of the schools Paco Candel, Menéndez Pidal, educational Center Balaguer, Ramon Muntaner, CEIP Josep M. Folch i Torres, Santa Marta, Canigó S. COOP., CEIP Busquets i Punset, Pablo Neruda, CEIP La Carpa, Sant Jaume of the FEP, Azorin and CEIP Pau Vila.
Interview and greeting from Zapico, who could not be present at the event

Day: 31 March of 2022
Hour: 17:30 hr
Place: I Center Cultural Metropolitano Tecla Sala

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