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Basic principles

Our cooperation is not a generalista model of state, how already we have commented, not even neither on a model of associative humanitarianism, but he starts from the articulation and the initiative municipal. The local administrations - the nearest institutions to the citizens - pick up the social worries of first hand. From here the interest of the citizens comes out for the international solidarity and the direct cooperation among towns, so that our Municipal Cooperation Decentralized (CMD) becomes the reflection and the canalization of a social and institutional restlessness. For us, the town is the area nearest of participation, the most direct assumption of democratic responsibilities, an element which it is necessary to have present in superior areas. In the forums of high level about the efficiency of the help, therefore, that of the towns will also have to be explained with the participation of the cooperation decentralized, that is.

Everything was already brought to light in the 4th Forum of High Level about the Efficiency of the Help celebrated in Busan (South Korea), on the 1st December of 2011. The paper of the actors strengthened premises, so that the cities have to know how to use the mechanisms of cooperation that the legal frame of the national diplomacy to have allows a specific gravity in the international relations, through the specificity of concerted strategies in the European field, which they bring to light the importance of its international relations and of the institutional processes of cooperation.

The cities like L'Hospitalet de Llobregat have to have a model sustained in two bases:

- Concerted cooperation: the promotion of the participation of our entities and ONGs in the projects of cooperation makes that the feasibility is effective, the sustainability and the efficiency of the development. It is necessary to continue hitting in the mechanisms which they allow us to guarantee one senior transparency and a follow-up that evaluates the initiatives of cooperation to the development.

- Municipalista cooperation: direct cooperation with the towns of countries of the south, some of which are in international municipalistes nets associated. More deepening in the works of democratic governança and in the plans purely of services and functions municipal.

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