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On the issue of of sensitization and in the Plans of International Cooperation of the Municipal Council of Cooperation, he prioritizes itself: l 'education for the development and the sensitization of the company Catalan, the support in the social agents that work in the promotion of the Culture of Pau and the Human Rights and the participation in nets and initiatives of promotion of the Culture of Pau.

The promotion and that of defense of the Human Rights an axis is tranversal of the policies implemented by the Town Council of the Hospitalet, however, which is made indispensable it is a will of intersectorial and interdepartmental work. This implies promoting spaces of encounter and collaboration in the Town Council in order to act in coherent way in all policies that are implemented.

Our Plan of Sensitization is a fruit of the initiative of several entities of the city, as well as of the direct actions that in this subject the Town Council of the Hospitalet develops.

The collaboration with the Regional Government of Barcelona in the subject of the sensitization has allowed us to develop actions prompt and flat of sensitization in the town.

Like goals specific to the Plan of Sensitization we have wanted to promote and to strengthen the education for the peace and the Human Rights, through the Culture of the Peace and the respect for the Human Rights as a practical tool of improvement of the social communal life in the Hospitalet.

Also, we have wanted to project policies of peace and human rights in the whole of the areas of local government and to give support to the social fabric that works.

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L'H to Human Rights
L'H to Human Rights

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